A Three-Bed Stable

Well this tale made me a bit hoarse from laughter so I had to share this user submitted rant with you. The user has requested to be anonymous so we’ll call him Fred. Here is Fred’s rant, in his own words.

I had signed up to my local estate agent and had asked them to notify me of properties near to a local school that my daughter attends, I was looking for 3-bed properties and explained multiple times to the estate agent, that I only wanted to receive emails regarding applicable properties. My estate agent, who shall, for the sake of future dealings with them, remain unnamed, seemed to understand this request and told me that I would only receive emails to properties matching my above stated criteria. A few weeks went by without any property emails, and I had started to wonder if my estate agent had forgotten about me, as I had seen houses listed by them that appeared to match my criteria but no emails.
Then low and behold, I had just started cooking dinner when my phone buzzed with an email notification. I glanced down at it while chopping veg for my stir fry. ‘Three Bed Stable’ the title read, I thought I must have misread it. I dashed to the sink, washed and dried my hands and opened up the email. Nope, I had read it correctly.

My estate agent that I was paying (£££) to search for 3-bed houses near my daughter’s school on my behalf had sent me a listing to a 3-bed stable, with the image (above) featured. Needless to say I was not best pleased. To make matters worse, I then had a phonecall from my estate agent, I assumed they would be ringing to apologise for some mistake on their behalf. Actually they were ringing to try to ‘sell’ me the 3-bed stable. I could have understood had I been looking for a development opportunity, but I had specifically requested a 3-bed house with no work needed. I was flabbergasted at the audacity this particular estate agent had, and the lack of concern for their clients. To make matters worse this 3-bed stable was actually an hour’s drive from my Daughter’s school, and consequently did not match any of the specified criteria. I shall not be purchasing the stable as I don’t feel it would suit my family’s needs at this current time, given we are not horses.

Thanks for that rant Fred, another truly astounding estate agent mess-up. If you have a rant you need to get off your chest, please send it to us rants@realestaterants.com