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Ever felt you’ve been bamboozled, swizzled or ripped-off by your realtor or real-estate agent. Why not have a rant about your experience on this site.

It is largely an unregulated profession, in fact it isn’t even a profession in the mould of doctors, or solicitors and accountants or even bankers for that matter as no exams are needed to become a realtor.

So if you’ve had a bad experience why not have a rant about it on this site. Let us know how you were mistreated, mismanaged, misquoted or taken advantage of by these rogues.

I know there’s meant to be a code of compliance and adherence to Ombudsman policies which they gratiously flaunt at you from the stickers on their door to the marketing material they try to shove in your face but they all seem very keen to flaunt it but won’t back it up with good sound hard work and honesty.

It’s ridiculous really, apart from taking some photographs and making up the details of a room into a schedule they don’t have to do a lot more after they’ve ticked the Righmove feed box.

In my own experience when I placed my home on the market 3 years ago the pictures taken by the agent were very poor and the room descriptions lacked inspiration and any verve. I know you have the Property Misdescriptions Act to abide by but it’s not a lot to ask to use titles other than LOUNGE to state that the home has a Lounge room. Most houses do have a lounge but let’s call it Spacious Lounge or Open Plan Lounge or Compact Lounge instead of just LOUNGE! Let’s use some imagination here..

Some of these Realtors and Estate Agents do very little work for their fees. This business is all about communication and if you cannot communicate with your clients you should be doing something else for a living. It’s a very stressful time when you are buying or selling a home so you need to know what is going on at all times and you often need a hand to hold because it may not be something that you have a lot of experience of – especially if you are a first time buyer.