Estate Agents Strike Again!

When something has really annoyed you – to the point where you feel your head is about to explode then a good old rant is the only way to get it out of your system. Perhaps it’s something to do with the domain name – but I get all sorts of emails reporting the various annoying activities of estate agents far and wide (or as our American cousins like to call them, Realtors.)

I had a cracker through this morning – (We’ll keep the name of the company in question out of it). The Vendor (person selling the property – for those who don’t speak estate agent) had a call from the Agent on Monday, saying that they had an Applicant (a potential buyer – would anyone like a dictionary??) who wanted to view the property, but could only do the viewing on Tuesday at 3:30pm. They insisted that this was almost a guaranteed sale because the price had recently been dropped and the buyer was a perfect match. So, having gone to a lot of trouble getting time off work, and arranging for grandparent to pick up the kids from the bus stop (who delayed their holiday by a day to do so) Jane set up everything to meet the viewer at the property. The agent couldn’t attend the viewing because they were already fully booked. Well – the day came and 3:30 came and went and by five it was clear to Jane that the viewer wasn’t going to turn up. The following day there was a knock at the door at 8pm, and lady asked to view the house. Jane was really surprised. The lady explained that she was the viewer from Tuesday, and was most upset to hear that the lazy estate agent hadn’t bothered contacting Jane on Monday to let her know that the viewing was cancelled – or that the applicant wanted to come on Wednesday evening instead. Apparently the Agent had told the lady that Wednesday evening was fine – and that Jane as simply desperate to sell the property!

How unprofessional! Want my advice? Use an online estate agent 🙂