Inconsiderate parking

Had a beauty through today.

We’ll call the Agent “Rude & Co” – and our complainant Joe. I really do prefer to anonamise these tales of woe – I really don’t want anyone chasing after me with a lawsuit!!!

Joe wrote to tell me that he climbed out of bed late last week and was rushing for work. When he finally made it out of the front door (I’ll leave out the unnecessary details – thanks Joe, I really did enjoy reading about your morning routine) – he found a smart car parked across the bottom of his drive (annoying car, annoying event) – plastered with Rude & Co Estate Agent’s logos! (even more annoying).

The power-suited blonde in the car was shouting at someone on her phone, and completely ignored Joe as he tried to call her to move.. She stilettoe’d her way down the street and met a man in another car, taking him into a house down the road. By the time Joe got his shoes on an caught up with them, he had to bang on the door for 5 minutes before the agent finally came on opened the door.

“Yes – what do you want? I’m busy” was what he got. When he explained that she was blocking his drive, he was told “I’m very busy – you’ll just have to wait.” She only moved the car after 20 minutes, and never even apologised – Shocking!

If it was me, I would have called the police or a tow truck to come and move the car.

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