No Qualifications Required

Hello Rant Readers,


Today’s bone of contention is, funnily enough, the estate agent profession. I hope by now you are sensing the common theme of our site. Recently I learned, much to my disgust and disbelief, that to become an estate agent requires absolutely no qualifications. None whatsoever. I was shocked at this revelation and now fully understand why there are so many rubbish estate agents out there in the world. It drives me mad to imagine that in a profession taking humongous cuts of commission, from arguably the most expensive single item that most people purchase or sell in their lifetimes, there are absolutely no regulated qualifications required.
This backs up my previous thoughts and experience, which suggest that if you do want or need to use a local estate agent, please make sure you use one that is associated with some regulatory body. Estate agents who are part of large regulatory bodies often have to maintain certain standards and as such are under more scrutiny and are more inclined to do so.
I am made to think of the old phrase ‘if you can’t beat them, join them’ and in real estate there is absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t, given that you don’t need any qualifications to do so.
If you can’t tell from my rant, I am fuming about this topic, and hope that in the future this will change. Perhaps online estate agents will provide a better method of regulation, at least with online ones you normally have access to reviews from more people.
Rant over for today, I hope your estate agent dealings are better than mine, but if they’re not please write to us detailing them and we will be sure to post the best ones online.
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If you have any serious problems with your estate agent that they do not resolve then you should contact the Property Ombudsman.