Real Estate: Making Your First Investment

As you begin on your journey to investing in a new house, bungalow, or apartment you will get familiar with different options that you weren’t familiar with before. Looking through books, catalogues, and blogs can really help you break down what you need, and what you want. There are also many great websites that offer tons of information to help you find the right place to invest in.

Money is a main factor when it comes to investing in property, and knowing your limitations is important. You have to have money when you are considering becoming a property investor and usually a down payment is involved. Many loans are there to assist you as you take this next step in your life. Some loans will help you with repairs, while others will help with down payments.

Your loan of choice will really depend on the particular needs of yourself and your family, and what you will qualify for. When you are thinking of investing in prime property it is always good to have a strategy. You want to make sure you have your money planned out. The UK property market is big and is recovering rapidly from the recent recession.

Make sure you take your time to research the ideal house you are looking for and the ideal investment strategy. Getting your resources together upfront is helpful; working with a bank can be beneficial when you are investing in property. Your bank or building society will be able to tell you how much you can afford and establish a plan that will work for you.

Once you have found the home you want to invest in it is important that you understand that it is more than just buying a place and calling it your home if you are buying to resell quickly. This has become a major trend among many within the last fifty years and is picking up dramatically. There are also property investor groups that focus on members investing together in a commonly owned portfolio. These groups are good because you can tap into a pool of knowledge and expertise from people who may have been doing this a lot longer than you, are probably very good at it and are probably richer than you as a result.

If you are thinking of taking on many properties at the same time it will be essential that you acquire some basic project management knowledge. Knowledge of how to use a spreadsheet to help you plan critical time stages and budgets would be really useful so find a friend who knows their way around Excel to give you some lessons. Alternatively you could get hold of a basic tutorial book, but we find that the use of a spreadsheet as a budgeting tool to be invaluable.

Also, don’t get in over your head. Interest rates are low at present and banks are generally relaxed about lending but when interest rates have to rise you’ll find banks are less comfortable about their loan strength and may want to recall overdrafts and borrowing or nick your properties if they feel they have good cover, regardless of whether you are servicing your loan satisfactorily.
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