This is ‘what’s his name’

When you spend a lot of money with a company you expect a certain level of customer service. Considering how much you spend with an estate agent you would expect them to remember your name.

I was shocked to discover when the estate agent, that I’d spoken to only early that day, turned up to show people around my house he didn’t know my name. That in itself is not such a big problem, everyone forgets names from time to time and I respect that. But instead of introducing me as the homeowner or just admitting that he’d forgotten my name, he decided to introduce me as ‘what’s his name’.
“This is the owner of this lovely house what’s his name”. I was understandably rather offended and I think this definitely did not improve the likelihood of selling my property to the lovely couple that were unfortunate enough to be shown around by my poor-excuse of an estate agent.

I have now requested that I carry out all viewings on my own, I can’t bear to be called ‘what’s his name’ in front of another buyer.

Estate agents always seem to be ‘forgetful’ at the worst of times. The only thing they seem to remember is anything that affects their commission, which confirms my belief that they aren’t interested in the clients at all. Somebody needs to disrupt the estate agent industry, it’s about time that someone burst their commision-based-bubble and undercut them whilst providing a real service. Online estate agents are finally on the increase so let’s see if this is the end of ‘local’ estate agents for good!

Have you had any experiences like this with your estate agent? Do you want to have a rant about it ?
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